Before & After
BEFORE | Dull, Out of Control, Split Ends
AFTER | Smooth, Silky, and Shiny
"My hair is so shiny and bouncy! This is the product I've always wanted."
- Sabrina
BEFORE | Frizzy, Breakage, and Split Ends
AFTER | Repaired and Livened!
"My hair is at its best when I use True Brazilian."
- Brandy
BEFORE | Breakage, Damaged, and Dry
AFTER | Dramatically Repaired For Any Style
"I can straighten and style my hair and I don't see the damage, it's actually repairing my hair as I use it."
- Alex
BEFORE | Frizzy, Damaged, and Split Ends
AFTER | Stronger With Salon Results
"With True Brazilian, I feel like I got a deep treatment to my hair."
- Theda