Frequently Asked Questions

Is True Brazilian Activating Serum a permanent straightening product?


No, True Brazilian Activating Serum is a styling product that is applied after you wash and condition your hair. You apply to towel-dried hair before you style it and it creates a protective coating on the hair that repairs split ends, reduces frizz, and creates beautiful, silky, shiny hair! The results last from wash to wash, but with each application your hair continues to get more healthy, and therefore more manageable and silky!


I have heard Brazilian straightening products are loaded with chemicals and can damage hair. Is True Brazilian the same way?


True Brazilian is organic and Certified ToxicFree! It contains no chemicals and was created as an alternative to toxic salon products that are expensive and often filled with formaldehyde. Instead, True Brazilian uses botanical ingredients from the Brazilian rainforest that hydrate and nurture the hair to give silky, smooth results right at home. 


What types of hair can use True Brazilian?


All hair types are suitable for True Brazilian! Whether your hair is coarse or fine, curly or straight, long or short, True Brazilian will help make your hair healthier, shinier, easier to style, and more beautiful. 


Can I use True Brazilian if I color my hair?


Yes! Complete the coloring process, then apply after washing and conditioning. This styling serum helps seal in the color for longer lasting color. 


My hair is damaged and brittle from heat styling. Will True Brazilian help?


True Brazilian helps repair damaged, brittle ends! Use the Activating Serum on its own to coat and protect each hair shaft. The organic ingredients smooth the cuticle and repair split ends. For even better results, blow-dry the hair and then flatten in sections with the True Brazilian Oscillating Flat Iron. This bonds the nutrients to the hair shaft for stronger, healthier hair! This is the only system that uses heat-styling to repair the hair – instead of damage it!


I don’t want to be locked into one hair style. Can I wear my hair curly or straight with True Brazilian?


We agree! At True Brazilian, we know you want freedom to wear your hair curly, wavy or straight. When you use permanent hair-straightening treatments you can only wear your hair straight for several months. True Brazilian allows you to decide after each wash if you want to wear it straight, wavy or curly. Regardless, True Brazilian will protect against frizz and give you healthier, shiny hair!


What are the key ingredients in True Brazilian Activating Serum?


Abyssinian Seed Oil and Meadowfoam Seed Oil are botanical nutrients that provide deep hydration and repair to the hair. The cuticle of each hair shaft is smoothed and the split ends are united and bonded together for stronger hair that is much more resilient to breakage at the ends. 


Will True Brazilian help my hair grow stronger and longer?


True Brazilian does not affect how much your hair grows, but it affects how much your hair breaks! Stronger ends that resist breakage result in longer hair! Most True Brazilian customers see longer hair because the ends are stronger and healthier.


Will True Brazilian reduce my styling time? My arms get tired doing my hair!


Most True Brazilian customers report a dramatic reduction in styling time.  By using the Activating Serum before drying the hair, you can give a quick blow dry and then use the True Brazilian Oscillating Flat Iron to flat iron the hair in sections for straightening. The serum helps give the hair a silkier texture, free of frizz – and that’s what most of us are fighting when styling at home. True Brazilian allows you to get salon results right at home. 


Can I use a regular flat iron or the True Brazilian Oscillating Flat Iron? 


You may use your own flat iron, however, the vibrating action of the True Brazilian Oscillating Flat Iron pulsates the heat onto the hair and does not tug at the hair or create damage. The result is heat activation of the Activating Serum to bond the nutrients to the hair shaft.


Do I need to use the True Brazilian Finishing Gloss?


When you are done applying True Brazilian Activating Serum and styling your hair, your last step is to add just a touch of True Brazilian Finishing Gloss. This amazing gloss locks in frizz protection and gives your hair a high shine and silky feel. You won’t believe how healthy, shiny and amazing your hair will feel! The key ingredients are Cupuacu, Argan Oil, and Tamanu Oil – rare and beautiful oils that protect and nurture the hair.  Just use a very small amount! Pump once into palms and rub together – then lightly apply to ends, up to roots.  For heavy, coarse hair, you may want to add a couple pumps to help tame frizz or curls. Remember, less is more!


How do I use True Brazilian to style my natural curls?

Fabulous curls are a girl’s best friend – but not when they are wild and frizzy! True Brazilian Activating Serum is amazing to tame curls and give them a beautiful bounce without frizz! Wash and condition hair, then comb through with a wide-toothed comb. Do not towel dry, or hair can get frizzy before you even begin. Pump Activating Serum into palms, then coat the hair from ends up to roots. The more coarse, thick, and long your hair is - the more serum you will need. Now gather your hair in your palm and scrunch hair from the bottom up to activate your curls without separating them. Do not touch curls until they are dry. Do not brush or comb. Only scrunch with your hand from bottom up. This will create defined curls intact. When hair is completely dry, separate curls as desired with your fingers for volume without frizz.


How much Activating Serum should I use on my hair?

Pump serum into your palm and rub palms together. Apply from ends up the hair shaft – avoiding the roots. 


1-2 pumps for short hair or very fine hair.

3-4 pumps for medium hair.

5-6 pumps for coarse or long hair. 

7 or more for very coarse, thick, curly or unmanageable hair.


Test on your own hair and adjust amounts to suit your needs. 


How much Finishing Gloss should I use on my hair?


Too much Finishing Gloss will make the hair greasy. Do not over-apply.


Pump Finishing Gloss into your palm and rub palms together. Apply from ends up the hair shaft – avoiding the roots. Less is more.  Test on your own hair and adjust amounts to suit your needs. 


1 pump or less for short or fine hair.

1-2 pumps for medium hair.

2 pumps for long hair.

3 or more pumps for very coarse, thick, curly or unmanageable hair.


Do I need to use True Brazilian Shampoo and Conditioner with the styling products? 


You may use whatever shampoo and conditioner you prefer, however for best results we recommend the entire line of organic, Certified ToxicFree hair care products from True Brazilian. True Brazilian Shampoo contains a non-toxic formula which creates a mild lather with cocoa butter cleansers, that gently and thoroughly cleans the hair. True Brazilian Hydrating Conditioner repairs the hair shaft with non-toxic ingredients including strengthening quinoa and flax protein. High shine is achieved using a combination of three oils from Broccoli, Argan, and Sweet Almond. The result is shiny, silky, healthier hair with the intoxicating scent of Wild Orange Vanilla.